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Customer Feedback 

"The most qualified staff in the Valley. The staff is trained by professionals who have performed the work for courts for over 20 years. The staff is trained in areas of domestic violence, drug recognition, child abuse, and all required areas. The courses are taught in both English and Spanish by highly trained and educated professionals with decades of experience in Family Law and Mediation. No other provider matches the professionalism and knowledge offered by CoreTsolutions." (Customer Feedback/Professional referral - 2021)

We attended this class con-jointly and this really opened our eyes. The fact that the lecturer was an actual Mediator gave us assurance she knows the issues. Hearing how the conflict harms children has made us both dedicate ourselves to cooperating. Thanks for the great class. - Feb. 2020 con-joint attendees.


I know that we never thought our arguing could cause such serious damage to our children. Thanks for the information and for making a lasting impression. - Nov. 2020 Attendee.

The enrollment was so easy and I was so grateful I could make payments. Thanks for the added discount, too! Sept. 2020 attendee

The fact that the classes are taught at night and on Zoom has made it so easy and convenient, let alone safe, during this pandemic. Thanks for the payment plan too. Your staff is awesome and we give this class a 10!! - June 2020 attendee

The Parenting class covers so much and I am so happy you focused on the ages of the class participants children. The updated research and TedTalks were very interesting and I learned so much about my Parenting Style in that quiz !! Highly recommended !! - April 2021 attendee

The payment plan was very helpful, as the cost of court gets very high. We loved the material and the staff. You asked how we could improve and truthfully, you really can't. It was excellent. So glad our attorney recommended CoreTsolutions ! - June 2019 class attendee

Because of your staff, my relationship with my child exists. I am able to be an active father and I never thought that could happen. - Supervised Visit parent

You have to tolerate so much and I appreciate how patient your staff has been. They are kind, professional, and my child feels very safe there. It is a load off of my mind knowing that she can visit her dad there and be safe, away from any things that used to scare her. - Supervised Visit custodial parent.

I highly recomamend CoreTsolutions for all of my clients needs. They are professional, knowledgeable, and know the information the court and lawyers need to do our jobs. The courts refer hostile clients and they do a great job de-escalating situations. - Professional referral.

I now have custody of my daughter and I believe it is because of CoreTsolutions. The mother had to bring her to your office so I could finally get to know her and because of this, the truth was revealed and my daughter is now safe in my custody. I credit CoreTsolutions for helping my daughter transition so well into my care and she is now so safe and happy. (Visiting parent, June 2020.)

Thanks for being so patient with the children, as I know this is a difficult situation for your staff. The workers help me encourage the children stay for the visits so we can overcome the alienation that has taken place. I appreciate all the time and effort made. We will continue services and hopefully the children will transition. (Current visiting parent, 2020-2021)

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