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Dear Valued Families: 

We are RE-OPENED for in-person supervised visitation and exchanges. However, ALL clients and children MUST WEAR MASKS. We will ensure proper distancing and implement recommended Covid protocols during the exchanges and visits. Because we are trying to re-open thoughtfully and safely, please do not bring any additional children or adults to the office who are not part of the visitation or exchanges. 


FOR SUPERVISED VISITS AND EXCHANGES -- Currently, full services will resume for supervised visit and exchange families, according to the current schedule you have. If you, the transporter, or the children are ill, please contact us and we will have to suspend services until the impacted person(s) is medically cleared.  

In the event we have to close again and you need a place to safely exchange the children, families are to use the designated police stations listed in the Contract:  Fresno Police Station on Cedar/Teaque and the Madera Police Station on C. Street for Madera clients. 

All clients enrolled in Co-Parenting, Parenting or Specialized Courses will be sent a Zoom Meeting link.  We will be conducting all courses via Zoom until September 2020. We assure you that all courses will meet court standards and your certificates of completion will be honored.  

All Substance Abuse Assessments and Family Law/Civil Mediations will be conducted via phone or Zoom (web conferencing).  Staff will stay in contact with you and we will decide the best options.   

 Our enrollment will continue to be conducted through our website -- Go to  CoreTSolutions, llc: Mediation Services and More.
"Enrollment in Services" tab.  The "Frequently Asked Questions" tab also addresses most of the issues you may have questions about. 

Any new clients who must attend Orientation for Supervised Visits or Exchanges will do so "virtually" via email.  They will be sent an Orientation Summary; in English and Spanish. We will update you about our COVID-19 closure, re-opening date, and protocols as necessary.   

Other service clients (Classes, Mediation, Assessments) will receive instructions for virtual or telephonic services as summarized above.  
We appreciate your patience and understanding at this chaotic time.  Health and wellness to you all.   

CoreTsolutions Team