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About Heather C. Tackitt, BA & JD - Mediator

HEATHER C. TACKITT, B.A., J.D. Lead Mediator for a Central Valley

California Court for over 15 years (1997 to 2012) and current owner of

CoreTSolutions, LLC

  • Juris Doctorate - Majority of J.D. completed from 1993-1996 at University of California, Hastings College of Law before becoming a full-time Family Law and Probate Mediator for a Central Valley California Court from 1997 to 2012. Ms. Tackitt's JD was then conferred by Northwestern California University College of the Law in 2013.
  • Bachelor of Art, Sociology - Sociology is the academic study of social behavior, including its origins, development, organization, and institutions. It is a social science that uses various methods of empirical investigation and critical analysis to develop a body of knowledge about social order, social disorder and social change. She graduated from California State University, Fresno 1991


Alternative Dispute Resolution/ Mediation: Specializing in Family Law, Probate, Welf. & Inst. Code, Landlord Tenant and Employment disputes.

​Certified Domestic Violence Counselor 


  • Winner of the 2016 InnovateHER Central Valley Region Small Business Administration challenge, hosted by Fresno SBA/SCORE and nationally sponsored by Microsoft Corporation.
  • Member of California Superior Court ADR Panels -- Fresno County Superior Court, Kings County Superior Court, and Mono County Superior Court.
  • Member of Fresno County Superior Court Family Law Mediation Panel.
  • California Association of Superior Court Investigators (CASCI) - Board of Directors, 2005-2009
  • CASCI is a statewide non-profit organization specializing in Probate Court Investigation training and was recently accepted as an AOC approved training provider.
  • 2011 Golden Quill Award recipient - Elected Child and Elder Advocate of the Year by statewide Court Officers, presented by CASCI Board of Directors.
  • As VP and President of CASCI; lead representative with Legislature and Courts; grant writing, accounting and all non-profit compliance.
  • Guest Lecturer for CASCI
  • Ombudsman Conservatorship and Guardianship Reform Act 2007 (AB 1363).
  • Worked with Legislative and Judicial Assembly.
  • CASCI Representative at stakeholders meetings with California legislature.

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE OF THE COURTS, State of California - Ms. Tackitt has worked with the Administrative Office of the Courts in the capacity of guest lecturer and consultant.

  • From 2005 to 2012 - I have been an A.O.C. guest lecturer at the annual Center for Families, Children and the Courts statewide training's. I have taught in the areas of Mediation, Grandparents Rights, Probate Guardianship Investigations, and Family Law and Probate Law investigation techniques (i.e. collateral acquisition, including HIPAA regulations, CLETS access, elder abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence laws.)
  • From 2006 to 2012 - I was assigned to a collaborative working group under the direction of the A.O.C.Probate and Mental Health Committee to help draft the Cal. Rule of Court regarding Minimum Standards of Education and Training for all Probate Court Investigators. I was also a consultant in the development of the AOC Probate Court Investigator training's.
  • Publications:
  • Guest Lecturer in the following areas:
  • Administrative Office of the Courts April 2007 Los Angeles CA.
  • Administrative Office of the Courts April 2011 Los Angeles CA
    • California Association of Superior Court Investigators ? Region 3: August 2009, Sacramento California
    • California Association of Superior Court Investigators Annual Statewide Conference, May 2006, Ventura Ca.
    • California Association of Superior Court Investigators Annual Statewide Conference , May 2008, Fish Camp CA - Tenaya Lodge
    • Administrative Office of the Courts - April 2005 Los Angeles CA
    • PROBATE GUARDIANSHIPS; DIFFERENT PATHS TO JUSTICE - Probate Court or Juvenile Court Pr.C. Section 1513 (c)
      • California Association of Superior Court Investigators PIRT; March 2010, Fresno CA.
      • California Association of Superior Court Investigators May 2010, San Francisco CA.
    • GRANDPARENTS RIGHTS IN CALIFORNIA (and) Legal Advice or Education - Assisting parties.
      • Administrative Office of the Courts - April 2006
    • 2014 to Current - CoreTsolutions, LLC, Owner : Private Mediation, Court Resource Services, and More.
    • 06/01/1997 to 09/11/12 -- MADERA COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT
    • Served as Acting Director from 01/99 to 09/01. In that capacity, I trained, managed, and evaluated multiple mediators/investigators and clerical staff at FCS. I implemented policies to meet deadlines, avoid continuances and decrease caseloads within the Family Law and Probate Law division. Also served as lead trainer for all new hires, with focus on mediation techniques, investigation protocols, domestic violence protocols, and other legal compliance, including DOJ policies and HIPPA regulations.
    • Legal Internships -
    • (1996) Equal Employment Opportunity Commission , San Francisco California;
    • (1995) Employment Law and Criminal Defense Law Firm - Hart & Crawford, Fresno California;
    • (1994) Immigration Law - Robert Yarra & Associates, Fresno California
    • Additional Law Courses for Civil Litigation and Mediation training - San Joaquin College of the Law, Fall 1997 
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