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Enrollment Questions

  • How do I enroll? ALL clients must fill out the General Intake on “Enrollment in Services” tab.
  • If enrolling in Supervised Visits or Supervised Exchanges, you must also fill out the Contract.
  • Send a copy of the most recent Court Order to 
  • Once the above steps are completed, within 3-5 business days, you will be sent a PayPal invoice to the email you provided on the Intake. 
  • If you want to know if the other party has registered, please email the staff at the above email and we will send you a compliance/non-compliance statement.
  • NO SERVICES CAN BEGIN until BOTH PARTIES have completed the registration process.

Questions About Your Bill

a. NO, the estimated TOTAL on the bill is NOT DUE IN FULL. All payments are made “as you go”…throughout your duration of services with us. Please open your invoice and read all details. However,

i. Registration payment is due before services can begin.

ii. All visitation and exchange payments are due 48 hours in advance of the service. (i.e.. Visit is on Friday at 3pm, your payment is due by Wednesday at 3pm). – we do not accept cash in the office. Money order only.

iii. Parenting/Co-parenting class payments can be made. You will receive certificate once all hours are completed and balance is paid.

iv. Contact the correct email listed above for billing questions.

v. Note fees for SV Visits are due once services begin. If not paid, it will be due once you request the supervised notes. If you want the notes for an upcoming hearing, please request them at least 30 days in advance. If a party requests the notes for an upcoming hearing less than 30 days prior, then an additional expedited note fee of $50 will apply.

What Emails To Use

a. for ALL general questions, note requests, billing questions, etc.

b. for all FRESNO CANCELLATIONS, visitation schedule modifications, added visitor

requests, etc. (anything involving Fresno scheduling).

c. for all SPANISH SPEAKING clients - Telefono 559-330-7435

d. for all MADERA clients - Madera Phone #: 559-395-4159

Visitation Questions

a. Can I bring a family member? No- Because of Covid, we are not allowing extra visitors at this time. When Covid restrictions are lifted, not until your request has been emailed in with the added visitor’s name. It then must be approved by the custodial parent or by the Court Order.

b. Can I bring food, drinks, etc.? DURING COVID RESTRICTIONS, NO. However, when Covid restrictions are lifted, YES. Food, drinks, games are all acceptable. We will have updated information as guidelines change. Any WRAPPED gifts or cards must be looked at by the supervisor before the visit begins. No video games, tablets, or cell phones.

c. Can I take a picture? No, per the contract, no phones are allowed. You may ask the supervisor BEFORE the visit begins if pictures can be taken. If the custodial parent has approved pictures, then the pictures will be sent to you via email. If the custodial parent has not approved, pictures cannot be taken.

d. Can I bring my child’s pet? No – we understand that pets are family, but due to other clients being present who may have allergies, fears, etc., we cannot allow any furry friends.

e. Can I change the visit schedule? No – due to an impacted calendar, we will not modify a visitation schedule unless it directly affects the child’s schooling, extracurriculars, or the VISITING parent cannot leave work. It is the CUSTODIAL parent’s duty per the Court Order to make sure the child has reliable 3rd party transportation to and from all visits if they themselves cannot drop off/pick up.

Things NOT to do during visits:

Things not to do during visits

  • No emotionally draining conversation is allowed at any time; For example- statements or comments to the child such as, “Do you miss me?” - “Do you love me?”- “Do you want to come home?” etc.. This puts the child in an uncomfortable and emotionally draining role during the visits and can result in the child not wanting to participate.
  • No comments about the other parent or discussion of Court issues are allowed. If the child brings up Court, you may respond with the following or something similar: “That is up to me and your *mom or dad* to figure out. We want you to focus on being a kid and have fun.” Keep conversations subject/age appropriate.
  • We ask that ALL custodial parents encourage the child to visit. Please note that everything is noted. If a parent is not encouraging, it will be noted.
  • No phones at any time are permitted​. If you are waiting on an important call, please let the supervisor know and you will be able to step outside and take the call.
  • Custodial parents must use Shaw or VanNess to enter and exit the East parking lot nearest Dominoes, and they must use the main front door.
  • Visiting parents must enter and exit using Hughes Avenue, remaining parked in the West lot area, and use the parking lot/back gate entrance.
  • Parties are responsible for giving these instructions to any 3rd party transportation providers.

If your questions or concerns were not addressed above, please email 

We will need:

1)  Your name,

2) The other party’s name,

3) A phone #, and

4) A detailed email so that the staff may address your concerns thoroughly. Please allow the staff at least 48 hours to return your email.

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