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  • SUPERVISED VISITATION:  Parents are welcome to bring food for their children, favorite toys, or books to read with their children. Parents are able to help with homework or other school work. We have ample table room to accommodate.  On Friday nights, if the children want, we will show an age appropriate movie as selected by staff.   On some Saturdays, we have park outings at Oso De Oro Park (for Fresno clients) during seasonable months, if appropriate in your case {not all cases are eligible for this service}. 
  • SUPPORTED AND FACILITATED VISITS.  These added services are best for parents who need additional parenting support to engage their children or for families who need assistance reintroducing children and parents after significant periods of time.  There may be other issues in your case that would require a more supported or facilitated visit service.  We will learn the issues of your case and apply added support when necessary.  This may also include child interviews, parent interviews etc..  We will always provide feedback to the parties, their attorneys, and the court.  
  • SUPERVISED EXCHANGES: Parents will cooperate in safely exchanging the child(ren) by allowing a CoreTSolutions staff member to transfer the child to the other parent.  If necessary, a CoreTSolutions member will meet parties at a local law enforcement agency.  

Hours of Availability-Fresno office: Madera office hours TBD, but will try to accommodate clients to the best of our ability. 

Monday – Thursday: 
  • Exchanges:  9AM through 8 PM;  
  • Visits are from 4PM – 8PM
  • Spanish services are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 6PM-8PM & Tuesday, 4PM -8PM 
  • Exchanges: 9AM through 7 PM; 
  • Visits are 4PM – 7PM ; 
  • Spanish services 6PM - 7PM.
  • Exchanges: 10AM -  2PM  or 3PM – 6PM; 
  • Visits are 10AM – 2PM;   or 3PM - 6PM 
  • Closed between 2PM - 4PM. ; 
  • Spanish services available during all Saturday hours. 
  • Exchanges are 1PM- 6PM ; 
  • Visits are 1PM-3PM  or 4PM-6PM (no visits between 3-4 pm); 
  • Spanish 1PM -3PM  or  4PM - 6PM. 

Protocols and rules for the above services are discussed at the required orientation that must be completed before participating.  All intake forms and contracts must be completed prior to the visit, as well as all fees paid 24 hours prior.