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Resolving Conflict & Helping Families Thrive

Deposits or payment arrangements will be required prior to providing services. 
  • Mediation and/or Investigations: 
  •       Mediation - $195.00 per party for 2 hour session. $195.00 per hour thereafter.
  •       FC Section 3111 or 3118 Investigations - $595.00 deposit per party required at the commencement of services, with an additional $895.00 per party to be paid when work completed and before receipt of Investigation Report.  

  • Family and Juvenile Court Resources Co-parenting Classes range from $200.00 to $250.00 depending on course selection; Drug and Alcohol Assessments range from $95.0o to $195.00 depending on NIDA screening tool; Drug Testing - rates set by Reliance Drug Testing  (see Enrollment page); Supervised Visits & Exchanges Exchanges $20.00 each exchange; Supervised Visit -  $50.00 Orientation Fee for both parents, then $35 for one hour, one child; $65.00 for 2 hour visit/event; increase of 15.00 for each additional child, up to 3 children per family.

  • Consulting and case evaluations - $165.00 to $195.00 per hour (depending on issues/novelty of case/other factors.)  

  • Expert testimony - $165.00 to $195.00 per hour (depending on issues/novelty of case/other factors.)  

  • Document Preparation for Pro-Per Litigants (non-attorneys representing themselves): -- All legal document preparation for pro-per litigants is performed by Alison Pratt, LDA - License #2011002. Dissolution,Custody & Support, Modification, Guardianships, Parenting Plans: A set rate of $675.00 per party whether Petitioner or Respondent [includes all required paperwork to resolve your case] or work can be performed at a rate of $35.00 per hour for pro per, $50 for attorneys.  See contact information, additional services and fees on the Legal Document Assistance-LDA tab above.

  • Legal Research and Writing for Attorneys: $195.00 per hour by Heather Tackitt, JD.   Alison Tackitt-Pratt is also available for legal research and writing - see Legal Document Assistance-LDA tab for contact information and fees.

  • Printing, Faxing, & Mailing Charge:   $5.00 to $25.00 (depending on size & amount)
    • If you prefer the printing and mailing to be done from our offices, you will need to send a copy of your original signature via e-mail or fax so that it may be "stamped" on all work product as necessary.

  • Other Fees & Notifications:  
    • All court filings are performed by the client unless contracted otherwise. The client is responsible for any filing fees required by the court. 
    •  All work requests will be reviewed and you will be notified with a quote and time frame in which the work will be completed. After you receive a confirmation/quote, you can remit deposit/payment by check or e-check, or use the PayPal link on the Checkout Page & Payments page on this site.  Thank you.