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A Custody Evaluators' Guide - A desk guide for both court officers and Bench officers.  Describes the overlapping California legal codes that govern  custody evaluations;  the codes that allow the court officer to access "right to know, need to know"  information; and court orders that will aid the investigator to gain this information for the Judge in an efficient and timely manner.
Doorways to Justice - Probate Guardianship - Based on Cal. Probate Codes Sections 1513 (c) and 1516, this guide discusses initial and immediate screening of Guardianship cases;  referrals to CWS by the court and full collaberation with CPS to best investigate Minor Guardianship cases in California. 
Doorways to Justice - Family Law / Child Custody Proceedings - Based on Cal. Family Code Section 3027 (b), this guide discusses  initial and immediate screening of child custody cases which contain allegations of child abuse;  referrals to CWS by the court and full collaberation with CPS to best evaluate Family Custody cases in California.
Testifying in Court; A Court Officer's Guide Advice from one court officer to another regarding report writing that will withstand admissability standards; prepare the officer for direct and cross examination; overall preparation to assist the court as its' reliable expert witness.   
Substance Abuse and the Impact on the Family - An overview of specific types of drugs; how the specific drug  influences behaviors; the impact on family dynamics and parenting ability.