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Enrollment  and Fees for  Resource Services:  

(1) Co-parenting Classes (any of the 5 target groups - all include High-Conflict curriculum), 

(2) Parenting Classes,

(3) Drug and Alcohol Assessment,  

(4) Drug Testing, or 

(5) Supervised Visit & Exchanges Services

PLEASE USE THE LINK BUTTONS ABOVE  to access our Intake forms, available in English and Spanish. If you are registering for Supervised Visits or Exchanges, please complete the Contract as well.   

When complete, email them to  [email protected]  or 

fax to us at (559) 354-0188.  If you do not use a computer, you can use your smartphone to take clear pictures of the documents and email them to us.  We also have walk-in hours to pick up enrollment packets on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 1:00PM to 4:00 PM or by appointment.  All hard copies can be mailed back or left in our drop slot.  

All clients must complete all forms to participate in the services. 


All services available in English and Spanish


(Conjoint or Separate):  $325.00 per course:  Bi-weekly payments of $85.00 can be arranged with an added $25.00 payment fee.  Discounts to be approved by management if we are provided proof of low income or Veteran status. 

Parenting Course -  (12) hour course to be completed.  We offer convenient evening courses. See Calendar for days/times. This class discusses child development, parenting styles, discipline, and social factors that impact children. We follow court and SAMHSA approved Nurturing Parent curriculum. 

Co-Parenting Courses:

  • 1. THE BASIC COURSE – High-Conflict and Cooperative Co-parenting Curriculum; Stopping the Damaging Conflict for the Best Interest of the Children - For families that have little to no communication without some type of dispute or major conflict occurring. They are in constant conflict, experience continuous Court litigation, Parental Alienation, and other negative behaviors that harm the children. WE ALSO ADD Cooperative v. Parallel Co-parenting; similarities with High-Conflict Families - This curriculum is aimed at families that generally cooperate but tend to still have resentment and hostility that impacts their Co-parenting.
  • SPECIALIZED COURSES – Specialized Course Fees - $395.00 
  • 2.  Families Impacted by Domestic Violence and How Exposure Harms Children - This course is best for families that have experienced Domestic Violence and also must learn to cooperate to co-parent children; learn safe and effective ways to communicate; learn how the violence impacts the children; learn how to stop the violence and protect the children. You do not have to have a current restraining order/protective order to attend this course. THIS IS NOT A CONJOINT COURSE

3.  Families Impacted by Substance Abuse and the Resulting High-Conflict; Gaining a Better Understanding - This course is aimed at families who are dealing with Substance Abuse and the conflict/confusion that results from the addiction and related behaviors. (Conjoint or Separate)

4. Families Impacted by Mental Health Disorders and the Resulting High-Conflict; Gaining a Better Understanding - This course is aimed at families who are dealing with Mental Health issues and the conflict/confusion that results from the disorder and related behaviors. (Conjoint or Separate) 

  • All Specialized Courses will be added to Calendar when 5+ persons enroll.

Anger Management Course - Fee   $395.00 --  12 HOUR; COURT APPROVED.  This course will start being offered May 2017.  Dates to be announced and added to website calendar.   The class discusses triggers, how to manage those triggers, and importantly, the damaging impact violence has on the family and specifically children.  

Drug Testing using Reliance Drug Testing: - 5612 N. BLACKSTONE FRESNO CA. 93704 -- PH.  559-440-1989  Email   [email protected]  --  FOR CoreTsolutions = $25.00 Processing/Admin fee.  Reliance charges separate fees at site; 1- Urine, $65.00 , 2 - Hair Follicle, $115.00, 3- Breath Alcohol, $40.00 - CoreTsolutions will maintain communication with the Court and update both client and Court regarding results. You can pay CoreTsolutions or on their website  -  

Drug and Alcohol Screening:  - By appointment only - $195.00-$295.00 range.  This includes (1) NIDA tool assessment, (2) review of our questionnaire, and (3) any collateral information to determine reliability of self-reporting client. CoreTsolutions will either select the best screening tool that fits the facts of each case/person, or rely on a Court Order to do so.  We maintain communication with the client and Court regarding compliance and screening results.   


Supervised Visits and Exchanges:  $50.00 process/intake fee; 1 hour visits for one child is $35, $15 for each additional child. 2 hour visits for one child is $65, $15 for each additional child.  $20.00 for supervised exchange at locations approved by CoreTsolutions.  We maintain communication with the clients and Court regarding cooperation, compliance, and report any incidents that occur at the supervised visits or exchange. We reserve the right to terminate services if violations of our policies occur. 

Specialized Supervised Visits; Supported or Facilitated Supervised Visits -- When a parent needs our staff to assist them with learning parenting skills to help engage in visitation or they seek additional assistance to facilitate productive, positive contact with the child; separate interview with the child may occur. Fees will increase by 15.00 per hour.

  • Specialized Service: Offsite Exchange Monitors/Supervisors a specialized service for families that currently need a 3rd party to serve as a monitor and witness during exchanges, but do not have a court order that orders a supervised agency be used. This is perfect for high-conflict families, waiting to get back into court to get a Supervised Agency Order and for persons who want a witness in the event of an event or even fear of false allegations. Fee: $60.00 per exchange.  We will also use this service for families that lost privileges to have the supervised exchanges at our agency due to either policy violations or due to high-conflict. We will assign the dates and times of the exchange based on staff/monitor availability and may have the exchange occur at the Fresno Police Station located at Cedar and Teague. Fees: $60.00 per exchange. Parties who cause the policy violations will be responsible for the fee.